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Agriculture Real Estate Services


One way or another, your affinity with agricultural land is the first place that causes you to land here!
We have years of experience in Agriculture Real Estate Services and know many things inside out that you might don't know about this industry. The safety and security of your investment is our first concern. So, our suggestions and guidance are like a magic wand creating miracles for each decision with us.

BABA Corporation - A Global Agriculture Real Estate Service:

Providing global agriculture real estate services means going above and beyond the buying or selling ranches and agricultural lands. It demands specialization. Laws and license requirements change from state to state and country to country. Indeed, it is  daunting and challenging too. BABA Corporation is a global entity for agriculture real estate services with a huge task force to work and hit goals for your success. We have expanded our networks in such a way that our agent in your vicinity seemingly could be a local one for you!
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Why Should You Consider Farmland?
 In most countries, farmlands and farm products have little to no taxes. Perhaps it is the prime reason that people think of investing in agricultural real estate. Farmland valuation in most cases is based on land fertility and returns or income from the land to the farmer.
The prices remain stable in the agricultural real estate niche. It means no bubble or sudden rise and fall. Instead, a constant increase was found in the rates. Government support is great for those who seek crowdfunding and looking for a lucrative business in agriculture and allied sectors such as dairy, poultry, and piggery.

Different Types of Properties in Agriculture Real Estate Services by BABA Corporation?

Agriculture land covers one-third of the terrestrial surface of the planet and going to touch 5K million hector area. Technically, we can divide agricultural land into three major types:
1. Arable land that includes cropland and fallows
2. Land under permanent crops like perennial trees, shrubs, and climbers.
3. Pastures and hayfields are used as ranches. Besides the land under the crops and ranches,
there are some allied properties attached with agricultural lands, such as:
 Dairy farms with cows and buffaloes.
 Pork farms with pigs.
 Poultry farms with chickens.
 Agriculture warehouses.
 Agriculture storage units.
 Solar farms.
 Wind farms.

Who Are Beneficiaries of Our Residential Real Estate Services?

 Land Buyers
 Land Sellers
 Land on Lease givers
 Land on Lease takers
 Investors in agricultural lands

Why Are We a Superior Choice for Your Commercial Real Estate Needs?

If you think deals of agricultural lands should be without any intermediary, you are making a big mistake. You may end up paying a high price or getting less than the actual price of your agricultural land.

BABA corporation has a global presence and you can leverage its deep expertise and rich experience with the following advantages:
We have extensive knowledge of agriculture realty and attached properties. It makes us good
consultants and guide for our esteemed patrons.
We are the best negotiators as we know all pros and cons of the agriculture property in question.
We provide a good evaluation of an agriculture property using various parameters and tools
used in the realty industry.
We have knacks in transaction management and we know ensue of minute errors if you are
going to commit.
Our capability to deal with legalities and finance is known in the industry. So, everything
becomes fast and straightforward.
We have the capability of withstanding heated conversations and mitigating prevailing fits of
anger at both ends.

Do you love to check our agriculture realty services portfolio? Let’s go...

Industrial Real Estate Services

Industrial Real Estate Services

The increased commercial activities like selling goods and relevant services in an economy mean a direct increase in the manufacturing or production of various types of goods and materials.
This is where industrial real estate demands thrive and grow. Today India and other growing nations are witnessing tremendous industrial growth to meet the needs of the ever-increasing population and its requirements.
When you think of dealing with industrial real estate, it seems overwhelming at the first glance and you need perfect guidance and a completely reliable partnership to make the deal a successful saga.

A Global Industrial Real Estate Service:

Global real estate services from BABA Real Estate Corporation are one of the most dependable services to meet your local to global industrial services.
We serve residents and non-resident Indian clients to invest wisely in industrial real estate with required safety, security, and best of the best services possible from our end.

Our Main Services for Industrial Real Estate Clients/Customers Are:

 Buying the industrial real estate property.
 Selling the industrial real estate property.
 Taking the industrial real estate property on rent or lease.
 Giving the industrial real estate property on rent or lease.

Besides these main services, our industrial real estate service also includes the following:

 Exclusive client representation like as an owner, buyer, seller, tenant, or landlord.
 Identification and outreach of the clients.
 Asset positioning.
 Site tours.
 Analysis.
 Reporting.
 Property valuation and marketing.
 Proposals and negotiations.

What Kinds of Industrial Properties Encompassing in Our
Industrial Real Estate Services?

Our industrial real estate services encompass the following kinds of industrial properties:
 Manufacturing plants & Fabrication facilities
 Ready-built-factories
 Built-to-suit factories
 Stocking warehouse/godown
 Distribution warehouse
 Cold storage
 Flex space for multiple needs
 Data centers

Who Are Our Esteemed Clients?

We offer our exceptional industrial real estate services to the following types of esteemed clients or customers:

 Investors: local , non-resident Indians (NRI)


 Manufacturers: Who want to produce or
manufacture some kinds of goods/products

 Fabricators/Assemblers: Parts or framework assemblers.

 Warehouse/Godown Owners & Distributors: Who wish to stock their products and goods as well as distribute from there.

 Cold Storage Owners: Who wants to erect any kind of cold storage.
 Heavy industry.
 Chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
 Green industries like wind farms.

Why Are We the Best Choice for Your Industrial Real Estate Needs?

Our industrial real estate services are something apart from traditional service providers and set new landmarks with the following offerings:

Planning & Documentation

 We will thoroughly examine your concept or idea for industrial real estate investment or any related activities. Licenses & Approvals

 We extend our helping hands to get industrial land lease allotments under various government and corporation schemes, such as GIDC, MIDC, TSIIC, SIPCOT,  KIADB, SIDCO, WBIDC, and all state Industrial Development Corporations.

 We prepare a plan for the same and document all requirements, execution steps, and possibilities.

 Our battalion of attorneys and lawyers give
their opinions and advice.

 The team also helps in acquiring various
licenses and clearance from government and local bodies including environment,
Pollution control, Fire, water & sewage, AAI (airport), health Nocs, inspector of
factories, and so on.


 Our most important role in connecting our
clientele with contractors and local suppliers as well as facilitators like Vents, Bays, spacing, spans, wind bracing, docks, STP, sumps, Ventilators  louvers,Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting Materials

 We offer contacts of the best service providers like MEP contractors, PMC contractors, Fire & hydrant contractors,material suppliers, and others.

Human Resources

We help you find required human resources like laborers and workers on a temporary as well as permanent basis.

Industrial Safety, Security, & Insurance

 We give guidance on obtaining industrial safety and security services, equipment, and network.

 We also extend helping hands in obtaining insurance and related activities for real
estate properties.


 We assist our clients in acquiring funds or loans from financial institutions or banks
whatever possible on purchase, rent, lease, or sell the industrial properties.


 Our online portal is the round-the-clock open window to seek valid assistance fromour team under your registered account.

We hope you have found our services helpful and value adding. Now, it is time to take some actions to know more that what we can do for your within your contexts. Let’s connect.

Commercial Real Estate Services

A healthy society means a healthy economy.
A healthy economy means increased commercial activities.
Increased commercial activities eventually result in increased demands of commercial
When you look for commercial properties whether it is for sole investment or other utility purposes,
BABA Corporation is a dependable name in the realty market for a long.

BABA Corporation - A Global Commercial Real Estate Service:

BABA Corporation is a global real estate agency devoted to the client's best interest. So, it provides the best commercial real estate services at the best price and with the best practices prevailing in the commercial real estate market at a global level.


Our global force/team has a big strength and is spread over several countries and regions of the globe. So, any of our global specialists in your vicinity could be local to you and let you access properties across the globe as per your requests.


We have helped residential (domestic) citizens as well as foreigners/non-residential Indians (NRI) to achieve the best ROI and acquire commercial spaces full of fortunes.

Let’s Exchange Some Words on Your Needs.

BABA Corporation Offers Out-of-Box Commercial Real Estate Services

Capital Investment Services 

We have domain expertise in all asset types and various ownership structures, including public, private, domestic, and foreign capital.

Our services remain full spectrum from acquisition to debut and equity to disposition
solutions, and more.

Occupier Services

We empower you to maximize the space using our insights. Our experts are ready to cater to
your bespoke needs. Be it for a local or global portfolio.

Our experts are passionate about the delivery of occupier services employing their unparalleled experience.

Landlord Representation Services 

We know each property is unique in its history and strengths.

Our landlord representation service team makes it comprehensive for an alienated client. Thus, we help them to maximize the value of the property.

Integrated Services

We maximize the efficiencies of your business and investment by providing a unique amalgamation of comprehensive, full-service delivery, startup to enterprise culture, and out- of-box global coverage. We do everything seamlessly!

Tenant Representation Services 

When you are a tenant our global tenant representation service team knows what is best
in your interests.

They bring all to your table considering various constraints including budget and custom business requirements.

Valuation & Advisory Services

Valuation of a commercial property is an intricate and disciplined process.
Our team of valuation and advisory services has insights into properties trends. Thus, they can guide you in your best interest.

Project Management Services

We have a team of real estate project management experts who have the knacks to run
projects employing cutting-edge practices and technologies.
Thus, project delivery becomes on-time and within budget for you.

Real Estate Maintenance Services

We are skilled in the stewardship of the physical spaces. We manage excellent tenant
relationships. Our real estate management team is committed to managing your reputation in the marketplace. All we do is a local to global scale.

What Encompass in Commercial Real Estate Services from
BABA Corporation?

Our commercial real estate services encompass the following kinds of industrial properties:
 Office buildings
 medical centers
 Hotels
 Malls
 Retail stores
 Multifamily housing buildings
 Farmhouses in many countries
 Warehouses
 Garages

Who Are Our Esteemed Clients?

We offer a variety of commercial real estate services to the following types of esteemed clients or
 Occupiers

 Landlords
 Buyers
 Sellers
 Investors

Why Are We a Superior Choice for Your Commercial Real
Estate Needs?

BABA corporation is the best place to work with for commercial real estate services because:
 We have a global team with profound expertise and prolonged experience.
 Perfect guidance at each step and stage of the services and transactions.
 We are a full-service advisor with required licenses and approvals from concerned authorities to operate in their territories.
 We are good real estate managers, project managers, and maintenance managers.
 We have a proven record of gaining and giving the best and highest ROI in the market.
 We are far better consultants for commercial real estate dealings.
 We have good insights into local to global marketplaces.
 We believe in trust and integrity to build long-term relationships.
 We carry deep research and produce intensive reports using business intelligence technologies,visuals, and the latest trends.

Real Estate Land Solutions

Real estate Land Solutions for Sales:

We have assisted in outright land sales, agricultural land aggregation, and land exchanges to our esteemed patrons in the recent past.

Real estate Land Solutions for Lease:

Our support in the land leasing is unparalleled as we have helped our clientele who are operating in diverse fields like sports, schools, parking zones, and other commercial activities.

Real estate Land Solutions for Development:

We enabled many joint ventures (JV) and joint development (JD) by creating mutual understanding between parties. Our contribution in conversion land development of lands in plots for commercial lands, resident lands, and industrial lands.
Apart from plotting, we have helped our patrons in the conversion of lands useful for different purposes, such as:

 Sports grounds, vacant grounds of events, and so on

 Vacant land for recreational and other purposes

 Land for gardening and agricultural or horticultural purposes

 Land for storage, warehouses, and garage purposes

 Vacant land for leasing for trucks and bus parking and container parking.

Real estate Land Solutions for Investment:

Our assistance in the identification of land and silent/working partners is great for investors looking for land solutions. We enabled investors in the land to realize the best return on their investment with us.

Real estate Land Solutions for Industries:

We have extended our helping hands to the emerging industries in rural, semi-urban, and urban zones. We helped our clients to acquire lands for agricultural purposes, renewable energy generation, and other industrial usages in acres or hectors.

Real Estate Land Solutions & Services by BABA Corporation

Our global force/team assists our prospects with different services, such as:
 Buying lands
 Selling lands
 Creating joint ventures (JV) for investment and other purposes
 Creating joint development (JD) for erection or land property development
 Carrying development management (DM)
 Undertaking redevelopment
 Structured deposition
 Land portfolio optimization
 Ancestral property solutions
 Feasibility study
 Development consulting
 Urban and master planning consulting
 Land investment consulting
 Land valuation consulting
 Other professional services in the land solution sector

Who Are Beneficiaries of Our Real Estate Land Solutions?

BABA Corporation is an international real estate land solution providing entity serving a wide array of sectors, including:
 Individuals & families
 Private companies like reconstruction companies
 Corporate companies/organizations - national and international both
 Government bodies/institutions - local, states, & central/federal
 Government undertakings like schools, hospitals, etc.
 Financial institutions such as banks, mutual funds, and crowdfunds
 Developers
 Trusts & family offices

Our Expertise in Land Solution at BABA Corporation Fundamentally, our basic role is filling the gap between people and land as raw material. We help people to monetize the best value of the land parcel. People are looking for various land solutions give us the first preference, thanks to the following reasons:

 We offer excellent assistance in land identification, land sourcing, and land procurement.
 You get help from our global force for property evolution intended for specific uses.
 Our team has expertise in various (FSI) rules, codes, and conduct. Thus, we can help you in achieving conversion, viability, & approvals from DTCP like authorities.
 We are good at financial diligence and negotiation, so remain helpful to you in due course.
 You can depend on our team in dealing with local issues effectively.
 Our support is unbeatable in due diligence for legal, technical, commercial, and statutory
 We extend our helping hands in the documentation.
 We cooperate with our clients at all levels and in all hurdles that come in the way.
 You can find our marketing and sales support open round-the-clock.

Preleased Income Real Estate Services

Preleased Income Real Estate Services

In the majority of cases, a tenant requires to deposit an amount to the landlord. It seems a universal law across the globe.

What if a tenant deposits an amount to reserve a rental unit, which is still under construction or needs some time to move in the market? It becomes a preleased income for a landlord or acontractor/builder and a credit to the rent. So, prelease is a protection to the tenants.

In fact, it is in favor of tenants and landlords at once.
The entire process demands extensive legal and commercial documentation on both ends. And BABA Corporation's preleased income real estate services manage everything from A to Z on behalf of the landlord who is investing a good deal of amount in the real estate development.

Who Jump Into Bandwagon of Preleased Income from Real Estate?

Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs) mostly jump into the preleased income from real estate
projects across the globe. Particularly, they invest in commercial properties where the return is high- 9-15% of investment while in residential preleased gives only 3-6% of return.

What Kinds of Preleased Commercial Properties?

They are of two types:

Leas-hold commercial properties: It is usually offered by government institutions like GIDC and MIDC state-wide.

Free-hold commercial properties
It makes tenants or investors the complete owners of the property and lands on it's been constructed.Therefore, we provide our services in free-hold commercial properties in most cases.

Examples of Preleased Real Estate Properties:

The followings are major and worth considering examples of preleased real estate properties:
 Office spaces - 6-8% ROI
 Bank/ATM - 4-6% ROI
 Retail shop - 4-6% ROI

 Building - 7-9% ROI
 Warehouses - 10-15% ROI

What Are the Benefits of Preleased Property Investment?

 Early Return: The first and foremost benefit of the preleased property is an early return. Your preleased income starts as soon as the property moves in the market.
 High ROI: We also have seen that the data of ROI in preleased property is high in percentage against other investments.
 Recurring Income: You can get recurring income (monthly income) as well as assure a long-term capital gain.
 High Preference for Investment: Due to good returns, commercial preleased properties are getting high preference compared to residential preleased properties.
 Low Risk: Preleased properties are considered low-risk investments in real estate and even other investment markets.
 Lock-n Period: You can use the lock-in period to stop escalation by tenants in a short-term period.
 Save Tax: Taxes are applicable on rent received. However, a 30% of deduction on maintenance for each rent is a somewhat lucrative tax-saving option. It is true that you need not go each time for repairing or maintenance.

How We Help You?
 We help you to gain the best location that can bring the best return on your investment.
 We create or help you find the best quality construction that can attract quality lessees.
 Minimum terms of lease like 9-25 years with the escalation of rentals from 10-25% of the total.
Let’s have a talk about your budget and other expectations.

Real Estate Advisory, Consulting, & Joint Development Services

Right and timely advice make sense in the real estate industry. Similarly, pragmatic solution matters more when challenges are unique, complex, and impacting the real estate industry.

BABA Corporation or BABA Empire is known for its advisory and consulting services besides full-spectrum real estate services. Our global force/team has aided various businesses, government ,semi-government organizations, and not-for-profit organizations to make informed decisions by using our real estate advisory, consulting, and JD services. This way we have served the stakeholders, management, and people by and large to achieve their goals and accomplish their missions.

Real Estate Advisory, Consulting,  Joint Development Services by BABA Corporation. Our cumulative real estate advisory services, real estate consulting services, and real estate joint development services encompass the following:

Real Estate Evaluation Market Feasibility Studies

 Fair market value and rental rates matter the most to any real estate clientele.

 We do so by presenting market snapshots and trends.

 We mingle our decade-long experience with the analysis of quantitative data.

 We offer real estate evaluation services at the local and global levels as well.

 Every project in the real estate industry is unique and demands custom analysis, and we do it for main to sub-market.
 We consider broad aspects of demographics and economic indicators while doing market feasibility studies.
 We carry GIS mapping and Geospatial and location factor analysis during the studies.

Project Execution Management Developer and Vendor Selection Management

 Our experts offer advice on day-to-day execution and how to keep deadlines.

 We offer direction and facilitate the project team to execute the project well.

 We also advise on budget management for the project.

 We offer aids in preparing and managing

 The right selection of developers and vendors/suppliers is critical for the success
of any real estate project.

 We help in arranging interviews for the selections.

 We also assist in requesting and reviewing proposals made by vendors.the schedule for the project.

 Our experts aid you in final selections too. Land Use Planning Facility Assessment &Planning

 If a client or its organization has unused land and have planning to use it for real
estate purposes, we offer our services.

 We help in the preparation of strategic planning for portfolios and individual
projects as well as structuring a real estate organization based on it.

 We aid in the making choices of real estate information/data and create a databases system for the same.

 We offer a review of the real estate portfolio to cut costs, enhance efficiencies,
develop strategies, and maximize values.

 Our assessment tools comprising of physical and financial analysis, space use,lease estimation, critical dates, rental rate analysis, and market valuation.

 We offer facility assessment and planning to fortune 1K companies, local to
federal/central agencies & non-profit organizations.

Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis Real Estate Transaction Process Design

 Our experts always consider economic and fiscal factors while making decisions.

 We think of tax revenues, job creation, and cutting blight during the evaluation of an economic project.

 We highlight project data that leave direct and indirect impacts on the local economy.
 We offer assessments to get government or community support for the project.
 We help in the creation of market-based strategies to help the community while
staying competitive.

 We have accomplished numerous real estate transaction process designing to help our patrons.

 We offer direct and indirect assistance in reviewing various legal aspects of the
transaction processes.

 We also consider laws of lands and other regulatory aspects while designing teal
estate transaction processes.

 We assure various local states and federal/central compliance while offering

real estate transaction process designing.

Brownfield Reuse Strategy Development Dispute Consulting  Litigation Support

 We help our clients who own or think of cleaning and re-development of brownfield (useless) property.

 Our positive approach towards the reuse of brownfield property helps private
companies to reuse it and consider city strategies in due course.
 We help in brownfield real estate by evaluating market dynamics and
 We assist in the creation of real estate brownfield recovery strategies and
maximizing values for stakeholders.

 We have prolonged and profound experience and expertise in the real estate
field so we are capable of offering solutions over various real estate disputes and
litigation support to our clients.

 For instance, we offer support for market value opinions, tax appeals, custom and practice opinions, the standard of care, development, lease, property management, foreclosure action support, retrospective and prospective valuations, and diminution of value support services.

Do you have any specific requirements for advisory services? Do you need our real estate consultancy services?

Do you look for smooth and value-adding Joint Development (JD) partner with all sorts of legal and practical advice upfront?

Consider BABA Corporation as your right destination and start conversations with our representatives in the first place to know more.

Real Estate Funding Services

Why Should You Consider Real Estate Fund or Finance Services?

It's a tricky yet inevitable question that we should have an answer to even before thinking of jumping into the real estate business at any scale.

 The first and foremost fact is that real estate is growing at a rapid pace- a 30% CAGR. At this rate, you can double your business & increase your profit within an average of 2.5 years. Who doesn't like it?

 This is the time of low-interest rates. It means you have the opportunity to take a big amount of loans from financial institutes and invest in real estate for high profitability.

 Home finance in India and global level operating at low net NPA level than banks as well. It’s a positive sign for investment in real estate.

 Finally, the high demand for affordable housing remains persists and fueling growth in the real estate market at anticipating rates.

We think these are enough causes to tempt anyone to jump into drawing funding through various valid resources and investing in real estate.

In such moments BABA Corporation is a trustworthy name in the market to obtain dependable real estate funding services to turn your ideas into concrete reality.

Sources of Real Estate Funding:

There are multiple sources of real estate funding: primary sources or traditional/conventional sources and modern sources.

Primary sources are:

 Commercial banks
 Mutual saving banks
 Life insurance banks
 Loan and saving associations


Financial middlemen or agencies are secondary choices across the globe and in India. For example:

 Mortgage brokers
 Mortgage bankers
 Finance companies
 Foreign funds
 Fractional real estate investment
 PF or pension funds (Recently allowed)
 Credit unions
 Real estate investment trusts (REIT)
 Investment groups
 individuals

Banks offer three types of loans:
1. Conventional Bank Loans
2. Hard Money Loans
3. Home Equity Loans Bank loans require one-fifth of the down payment. Repay period is up to 20 years. Similarly, REIT is a transparent option with SEBI in India. If you want to go that way you can collect funds through the stock market and AIF is a stable option.

Fractional real estate investment is a popular and modern funding option in the USA and European markets. Here, diversification of the portfolio cuts the risks.

Real Estate Funding Services By Baba Corporation

BABA Corporation lets its patrons focus on their main activities by providing support in day-to-day back-office support regarding their real estate funding endeavors,

Fund Administrative Services:
Our focus is on transparency & efficient fund management. We help our patrons in the following areas:

 Regulatory and shareholder reporting services
 Fillings for government bodies services
 Composition of automated reporting services
 Compliance services
 Performance and regulatory reporting services
 Expenditure budgeting and related services
 Global tax services
 Audit oversight services
 Managing regulatory and board meeting tasks services
 Fund compliance services
 General consulting services

Fund Accounting Services:
We offer flexible & scalable real-time accounting services for the following solutions:
 Multi-class funds
 Pooled funds
 Master feeder

 Fund of fund
 Enhanced multi-manager
We also offer a transparent global view across accounting bases, such as:
 GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
 IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
 Local accounting standards and tax logic.

Fund Investor Services:
 Opportunity to work with specialist services.
 We offer real-time data and intelligence throughout the investment life cycle.
 You can make a better-informed investment decision with us.
 You can optimize returns.
 You can streamline business operations.

Fund Performance Measurement Services:
We offer the right tools to get insights into the performance strategy and transparency in
performance drivers. Moreover, our performance attribution and measurement services provide you
with the following info:
 Daily and monthly performance
 Library of standard indices.
 Configuration option
 Classification hierarchy for investment type
 Top-down, bottom-up, and enhanced options

Fund Treasury Services:
We provide consulting services to meet you with agencies that offer comprehensive depository
services to meet AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directives) requirements. It consists
 Cash monitoring
 Oversight
 Safekeeping
 Depository lite services
 Primary broker fund services
 Real estate fund services or private equity

Fund Regulatory Support Services:
We offer regulatory and investment analytic services. It includes:
 AIFMD reporting

 Stress testing for money market funds
 Dodd-frank from PF reporting
 UCITS reporting
 Open protocol risk reporting

Real Estate Property Management Services

Reading the title, you might have a question that whether we offer real estate services or property
management services. In fact, we do both and albeit with valid licenses at the global level.
BABA corporation is a full-service property management real estate agency operating globally.
Property management and real estate are the focus for us equal parts. Thus, you can get maximum
benefits from us when you think of hiring us as your property manager once your real estate part is

Real Estate Management Services by BABA Corporation
The real estate management services at BABA Corporation include:
 Property management
 Contract management
 Construction management
 Facility management
 Lease management
 Financial management and account reporting
 Building operations and maintenance

Financial Management and Account Reporting
It is a full-time job and we accomplish it using the expertise and best practices we have developed
over time. It includes:
 Account payable and receivable
 CAM (Common Area Maintenance Reconciliation)
 Analysis and budget preparation

Capital Projects and Value Enhancement
We understand the nuances of a property. Thereby, we can apply our foresight to bring the property
in limelight with minimal stress, time, and endeavors. We efficiently improve the prospects of your
property and its value in the realty market.

Engineering Services for Real Estate Property Management
We have a battalion of engineers with degrees in different disciplines, such as:

 Civil engineers
 Architects
 Mechanical engineers
 Electrical engineers
 HVAC experts
 Fire safety experts
 Landscape designers
 Interior designers

Property Operation Services
We have qualified property operation service providers who have knacks in various systems operating
in property and infrastructure of the property in the first place. They also focus on different areas like:
 Budgeting
 Sustainability
 Inspection audits
 Service center for 24X7 (Round-the-Clock) Services

Full-service Property Management Services by BABA

BABA Corporation is a full-service property management agency that offers different services under
the hood of this title. For instance,

Tenant Management:
We bring tenants if needed by advertising and taking other routes to acquire desired tenants for your property. In due course, our services include inviting tenants, offering Walkthrough, screening their
applications, income verification, background check, preparing tenant documents/agreement, and
collecting payments.

We bear the responsibility of keeping property safe, secure, and well-maintained.
We have a team of lawyers as well as experts who know local, state, and federal codes applicable to a

Pet Management:
A lot of tenants demand pet-friendly property and take care of rules applied to common space as well
as private space allocated to them. Our full-service property managers take care of such aspects and
keep the property clean, hygienic, and safe by enforcing their rules to tenants with pets.

Why BABA Corporation Is An Excellent Property Management
Agency at Global Level?

 We have specialized experience. We are in the field for a long period. It means we have a lot of
exposure to a variety of reality, clients, and projects that you hardly can imagine.
 We are a Global player. Our familiarity in dealing with different laws of the land is extensive and
vivid because we have clients from different regions, countries, and states so our portfolio is
 We are a verified property management agency. We have obtained the required licenses and
certificates. Our property managers have obtained training from valid authorities such as
NARPM, RMP, MPM, CRMC, and others. We have a license for brokers, agents, and managers for
all sorts of properties.
 Have appropriate insurance coverage. We have general liability insurance, as well as error and
omission policies. So, we are fully covered and also can protect our patrons simultaneously.

Residential Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate Services

Having a home is everyone’s dream.
We make that dream true, thanks to our exclusive residential real estate services.
Becoming a landlord is an aspiration, our letting services empower you to do so with utmost safely and securely.
Investing in residential real estate is still tempting and we help you create a solid portfolio with the best return on your investment.

When you sough after residential properties, BABA Corporation is only the reliable destination to go ahead.

BABA Corporation - A Global Residential Real Estate Service:
BABA Corporation is a global real estate agency. Yes, we have a global presence but could be a local one for you when your bespoke needs are met. We are dedicated to professionalism and loyalty. These set us apart from other providers in this space.
Our global force/team is expert in gathering business intelligence and making it comprehensive for our clients to make the right decision about investment, buying, selling, renting, or getting rented.
Our global presence has empowered us to meet simply too complex requirements of foreigners and residents as well.

It is a reason that NRI (non-residential Indians) contain a lion's share of our portfolio, thanks to their
Let's Have a Discussion about Your Needs.

BABA Corporation Offers Outstanding Residential Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate Consulting Services:
We offer different types of residential real estate consulting services under one umbrella:
 Research valuation for feasibility consulting.
 Master planning consulting
 Landlord consulting
 Occupier consulting

 Regional consulting
 Emergent sectors consulting

Residential Real Estate Investment Services:
We are experts in providing services for transactions and finances. We try to meet the specific needs
of various institutions.
 Properties companies
 Banks
 Pension and life funds
 Housing associations
 Private equity funds
 Charities and government aids
 Private investors

Letting or Renting A Residential Property
 We offer a one-stop-shop for clients who are looking for honest letting or renting services.
 We offer insightful guidance for both ends: landlords and tenants.
 Our global database offers you a wide scope to make a proper selection according to your
portfolio, needs, and budget.
 Our careful negotiations create complete tenancy terms.
 Our experts know how to create custom agreement under the hood of the laws of the land that
suits both parties at once.
 In due course, we focus on health, safety, security, and various consents for letting your

Residential Valuation Services by BABA Corporation
Our residential property valuation process considers various aspects, such as:
 Verification of title deeds
 Measurements
 Inspection of property
 Property due diligence
 Detailed valuation methodology
 Market comparison
 Use of different valuation models as per needs

Professional Residential Real Estate Services by BABA Corporation
We offer a range of professional services:
 Contacts to various financial institutions
 Help in dealing with a bank and its procedures
 Assist to find lenders with custom terms and conditions
 Private offices
 Highly personalized and focused global services by senior-level Global Force/team

Different Types of Properties in Residential Real Estate
Services by BABA Corporation?

Our residential real estate services cover different types of residential properties:

 Standalone Houses
 Homes for single families.
 Duplexes for multiple families.
 Triplexes
 Fourplexes
 Luxury Homes
 Condominiums
 Town-homes
 Apartments
 Vacation Homes
 Gateway Homes

Who Are Beneficiaries of Our Residential Real Estate Services?

 Buyers
 Sellers
 Renters
 Tenants
 Investors

Why Are We a Superior Choice for Your Commercial Real
Estate Needs?

Today, residential real estate is volatile due to various options for investments, availability of home
loans, and various factors which are cumulatively boosting residential real estate across the globe.
 We build trust, thanks to our presence in the market for a long period and our records of
satisfied clients.
 We treat NRI & domestic clients considering their respective specific requirements. Thus, they
can get the maximum out of their investments.
 We have multiple options for locations thus the preferences of our patrons remain our prime
 We extend our helping hands to our clientele for a variety of needs, including locating the
property, access to documents and plans, legalities, finances, mortgages, and a lot more using
the latest technologies and practices.
 We have pricing expertise to guide you in the right direction in a highly volatile market.
 We tackle most of the paperwork and leave our clients free to focus on their core activities.
 We are excellent at keeping records.
 We used to avoid closing issues upfront.

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