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Business Consulting Services

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or running a board of directors in an enterprise challenges are unfathomable in this stiffly competitive edge. The risks of disruption hang like a sword on your head.

Whenever you feel helpless to combat the conditions seemingly getting out of your hand, business consulting services at BABA Corporation will be your savior.

Business Consulting Services at BABA Global EMPIRE.

Our vast experience and expertise in an innumerable array of different business types lead us to offerdifferent types of business consulting services, including:

Strategy and Management Consulting Services

When our consultant focuses on your business’s strategies and management aspects ensues remain highly welcomed. For instance,

 We enable your business to enhance
awareness of your products or services in the existing market.
 You can see new horizons and opportunities to enter into a new market.
 Setup or reorganize business model to be cost-effective
 Expanding total business capabilities
 Enable to jump into a new business venture
 Overhaul business structure for a change or merge.
 Act as middle management in the business transition period.

Operations Consulting Services

 Our operation consultants are liable to enhance day-to-day operations/processes.

 We optimize inventory consumption.
 We optimize production.
 We enhance quality control.

Financial & Procurement Consulting Services

 Our financial and procurement consulting
services can expand the scope of the financial health of your organization.
 We assist in the right decision making targeting the best way to handle the assets
and manage the debts.

 We also help you in financial planning,
taxes, expenses, and retirement plans.

Human Resources Consulting Services

Our HR consultants can help you with day-to-day
HR tasks. For example,

 New recruitment
 Training new recruits as well as all levels of
employees to step up on the ladder of their
 Payroll management.
 Administrative tasks.
 Performance management. Marketing Consulting Services

 Our marketing consultants help a business to recognize its strengths & weakness in branding and help to overcome weaknesses as well as leverage the strengths.

 We help businesses extend their brand
awareness in different verticals of the industry.

 We help a brand to extend its exposure in
existing niches and new allied niches.

 We employ various marketing tactics

including traditional and modern internet
marketing to expand business reach.

For small and medium businesses, particularly IT companies, we offer additional services in different
forms, such as:

Sales and Marketing Consulting Services.

Our sales and marketing consultants observe and identify the issues in the sales and marketing departments and offer viable remedies to solve all.

Project Management Consulting Services.
Our project management consultants train the employees on various aspects of project management.
Moreover, they help in removing inefficiencies in ongoing projects by employing suitable tactics.

Reporting Consulting Services.

Our reporting consultants help the SMB in two ways: gathering analytic and reporting it or analyzing the incoming reports. It helps in decision making or in BI (Business Intelligence) to make smart choices.

Forecasting Consulting Services.

SMBs always need projects and forecasting to plan out their strategies and operations. These activities demand intensive data gathering and analyzing where our forecasting business consultant comes in.

IT Consulting Services.

New and upcoming technology adaption is only the way to stay ahead in the market or sustain in the competitive market. We help identify the right technologies, software, and IT systems for your SMB units and lead you on the path of growth.

Accounting Consulting Services.

Our accounting consultants help in keeping the business account system healthy and progressive by adjusting the budget, payrolls, and taxes.

Strategic Planning Consulting Services.

Our strategic planning consultants help your business to do strategic planning for delivery of their marketing messages effectively and launching events or software/system successfully.

Our Process in Business Consulting Services

Discovery Phase Evaluation Phase Planning Phase Implementation Phase
Here, the goal is to understand the client's business processes,and we take enough
time to accomplish them. In due course, we held meetings with different stakeholders of the business and know their way of functioning. Here, the goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Based on the finding we decide where changes areessential. In due course, we comewith solutions as well as doors of opportunities waiting ahead. Here, the goal is doing planning to remove weaknesses and leverage strengths by planning for upcoming technologies and tools.We also help in planning for variousresources like HR and inventory.This is the final step where we try to implement our strategies, new technologies,techniques, and tactics to enhance the overall performance of the organization as well as free them from their previous issues.

Why Do You Seek After Business Consulting Services from BABA Corporation

The following are apparent and foreseeable results you will experience once you have business consulting services from BABA Corporation.

 We enhance sales and hence the revenue.
 We take recruits and existing employees on various training programs. In due course, we facilitate them in learning new systems, tools, and business processes.
 With our services, you will evident improvement in employee performance.
 You will have advanced business plans.
 You will notice an increase in organizational efficiency.
 You will see organizational changes, including eliminating non-productive staff.
 You will have a regular audit that we conduct and prepare for you.
 You will have improved customer service and resulting customer satisfaction.
 You will find a strip boost in employee morale that is essential for enhanced productivity.

We Are Certified Business Consultants

Consulting Certificates:

Project Management Certificates:

Financial ManagementCertificates:

Business and Data Analysis Certificates:

 Portfolio,Programme, and Project
 IT Governance and Service Management
 Organizational Change Management

 International qualifications are offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI has eight certification programs, including:
 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
 The advanced Program Management Professional (PgMP).
 International Project Management Association (IPMA).

 Corporate accounting: CMA
(Certified Management Accountant)
 Financial and tax analysis: CPA
(Certified Public Accountant)
 All areas of financial planning: ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant)

 Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
 Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)
 Certified Business Analysis
Professional (CBAP)

Our Engagement Models for Business Consultancy Services:
Per Project Hourly Daily Rate Monthly Retainer

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